Life Groups are the life-blood of Encounter


We're serious about creating spaces for authentic relationships to be made, so we've designed Life Groups to help it happen.

Jesus’s first churches followed the pattern of meeting in both large groups and small groups (Acts 2.46). At Encounter, we meet together weekly on Sundays as a large group to encounter God through worship and teaching. But following Jesus also requires the encouragement, fellowship, and accountability that happens best within the context of a smaller group of people.

what is a Life Group?

It’s a weekly gathering of about 8-12 people who meet in someone’s home to build friendships and study the Bible. It’s where our church’s dream to be a relational family really happens. Just think about the benefits. When we share our joys, they double. But when we share our burdens, they’re cut in half. It's a place where you can ask questions, share struggles and doubts, and also meet people who are going through things just like you.

We’d love for you to join one of our groups, so check out the list below to find one that fits your schedule, and then click below to learn more or sign up.

  • Wednesday, 6:45pm, Highland Park (Pittsburgh)

    Michael and Kinsey moved to Highland Park from Denver, Colorado in 2014 when Kinsey was assigned a Pediatric Residency at the UPMC Children's Hospital. Michael is self-employed and works out of a home office. Michael and Kinsey are passionate hockey and football fans. They also enjoy binge watching their favorite comedy, scifi, and fantasy tv shows like Modern Family, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. In leading a life group, Michael and Kinsey hope to provide a welcoming environment where people can explore and grow their faith. 

  • Tuesdays, 6:30pm, Stanton Heights (Pittsburgh)

    Jared and Heather have lived in the East End for over 6 years and absolutely love it here! They are coming up on 18 years of marriage and have two kids: Autumn (16) and Lincoln (12) and a super adorable puppy named Gizmo! Heather loves to bake and be crafty.  Jared loves to play video games and watch football. They also like to binge watch tv series, watch movies, drink bubble tea, try new things and exploring new places.

  • Scott and kyleigh rametta

    Wednesdays, 7:00PM, Shaler (Pittsburgh)

    Scott and Kyleigh moved to Shaler Township after their September wedding, and have made it their sole mission to shove as many milestone events into their first year of marriage as possible. You can often find them hosting "Stranger Things" marathons, attending concerts big and small, and Scott usually rolling his eyes at Kyleigh's fangirl personality. Scott enjoys all things sports, while Kyleigh's nose is usually stuck in a book. In the end, the one thing they unanimously agree on: loving people.